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Maverick Jets is without a doubt
the most dynamic aircraft in it's class. From ground-breaking innovations in engineering to hand-crafted luxurious interiors, our flagship "Leader" is set far apart from competing personal jets yet surprisingly affordable.
Visit our site for perfomance / specs, press releases, purchasing options, photos and video of the "Leader".
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Jet Airplanes Web Sites Links — Maverick Jets is the world leader in personal jets. Based out of Melbourne, Florida. Maverick Jets manufactures the flagship "Leader", a 5-person luxury jet boasting innovative advancements in aeronautics, hand-crafted luxury and a surprisingly low sticker price. Visit to see videos, photos and detailed information.

Private Jets for Sale— Private Jets For Sale is good place to review up-to-date information the numerous "micro," or small jets that are now becoming available. Be sure to check in often to see the updates on your favorite jet.
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